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The Trade Union Federation of Education and Science of Albania, (FSASH), and the Independent Trade Union of Albanian Education, (SPASH), are the two most important trade unions, not only in the education system, but also in all the trade union movement in Albania, part of the most important centers of Albanian trade unions, the Confederation of the Trade Unions of Albania, (KSSH), and the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Albania, (BSPSH).
They organize around 35.500 members or around 80 percent of the employees of education and science and include all the sectors of this field, from kindergarden educators to university pedagogues.
The basis of their membership are the teachers of the primary and secondary schools, which consist of more then 90 percent of the total number of membership. At the same time, the academic staffs of the universities and the employees of the scientific institutions are rapidly increasing in number with effective members.
SPASH and FSASH are members of the Education International, EI, and of the Pan European Structure, where they play an active role, not only in the regional level, but beyond as well.
They have an institutional collaboration with each other and, in this sense, they are an example, not only for the Albanian trade union movement, but also for the whole Albanian society.
They have agreements of mutual collaboration, negotiating and signing joint Collective Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science since 1998. The actual agreement in power until December 2009, protects in legal ways the members and all the Albanian teachers of the preuniversity system and serves as an important legal basis for providing other services in favour of the Albanian teachers.
Both unions work together since 8 years now, implementing projects and  programmes supported by the homologue trade unions, in particular the General Union of Education Personnel in the Netherlands, AOb, and the Confederation of Dutch Trade Unions, FNV,  having as a goal their overall empowering, and innovation, as well as the prevention and elimination of child labour in Albania.                       
Direct supporters of the engagement of FSASH and SPASH, mainly in the field of prevention and elimination of child labor, are also Educational International, EI, and ILO-IPEC.
Supported by FNV, they also publish a joint magazine, “Tribuna Sindikale” and are determined to enlarge their collaboration, also with joint activities and structures.
FSASH and SPASH are important partners of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Albanian government. Their main leaders are members of the consulting bodies of the Ministry and the National Council of Labour, giving their direct contribution to the reform progress and the modernization of education, as well to social-economic protection, not only for the education and science employees, but also for all the Albanian employees.

The leading bodies of our both trade unions really appreciate the assistance of the Confederation of Dutch Trade Unions, FNV and the General Union of Education Personnel in the Netherlands, AOb,  for their financial support and technical assistance they are giving to FSASH and SPASH for opening and maintaining their website, as an important tool on their hands for the implementation of these activities and objectives, for their empowering and innovation in every field and for the commitment of an ever increasing number of teachers to the prevention and elimination of child labour.