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GAW 2011 activities in Albania

Based on EI support, as well as on both Albanian education trade unions, FSASH / SPASH, contribution and collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science, GAW activities in Albania are becoming a tradition, being organised better and involving more and more districts’ trade unions sections, teachers, pupils and other stakeholders.

This year activities organised in this framework involved a great number of women and girls, teachers and pupils, especially in big cities and in many schools in almost all the districts of Albania.

The most important activity was a National Meeting organised in Tirana, on 5 May, by both education Trade Unions, FSASH / SPASH, in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science, with participation of more than 85 teachers, trade union representatives, children, parents and representatives from the Ministry of Education of Albania, as well as from other educational institutions, Educational Directorates and school administrations from Tirana and other districts especially those nearby Tirana.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mrs. Nora Malaj, greeted the participants also on behalf of the Minister of Education and Science and spoke about the main theme of the year “Women and Girls’ Education”.


She appreciated the trade unions’ initiative and commitment to organise these activities and spoke about the engagement of all structures of the Ministry and local educational directories, organising many activities on the occasion of GAW.

She also pointed out that Albania is making progress in girls and women education, mentioning that 62 per cent of Albanian students are girls and 61 percent of 6 200 Roma pupils who have entered education system this year, are girls.

She appreciated the role of teachers in overcoming the problems that Albanian education system is facing, especially in some remote areas, where a considerable number of girls drop out from school because of their parent’s mentality or their families economic difficulties. Then she told a story about a mother, who made sublime sacrifices to educate her three daughters, loosing one of them on her life way, because of extreme difficulties encountered to face health problems and exploitation’s attempts of criminal groups during the transition period.

She spoke about the commitment of the Albanian Government and the Ministry of Education and Science to increase the budget for education, being focused especially in building new schools, providing assistance for families in need and so on, also mentioning some projects under the way of implementation or some others in approval process, regarding girls and women education.

Following, the Vice Chairwoman of SPASH, Mrs. Bukuroshe Shabani, spoke on behalf of this trade union, pointing out the importance of GAW activities, role of EI, and the commitment of FSASH and SPASH, to avoid school drop out, especially from girls.



The Vice Chairwoman of FSASH, Fatbardha Keço, appreciated the collaboration with the Ministry and local education directorates, especially regarding their support for education trade unions work to mobilise teachers in keeping pupils in school and in preventing and eliminating child labour. She spoke about the stories written by her pupils, being asked to do that in the framework of GAW activities in her school.

After discussions from participants and interventions from the Chairman of FSASH, Xhafer Dobrushi, and the Chairman of SPASH, Bajram Kruja, a cocktail was organised for all the participants where discussions and stories continued in an informal way.


Special meeting organised in Shkodra

A special meeting was also organised in Shkodra, one of the biggest districts in Albania.

More than 37 participants, teachers, pupils, parents, representatives of other NGO-s dealing with education and child labour prevention and elimination took part in the meeting.

The chairmen of FSASH and SPASH, Xhafer Dobrushi and Bajram Kruja, as well as the representative of Shkodra Regional Educational Directorate, Julinda Serreqi, also took part in the meeting.

Under the special attention and of the Head of SPASH Section in Shkodra, Aleks Dushi, assisted by the Head of FSASH Section, Isa Reka, the meeting was really well prepared. Teacher Ajrina Rexha made a presentation on GAW activities in Shkodra, based also in wide materials prepared by EI and by both Albanian Education Trade Union organisations in Tirana.

Then teachers Dhurata Tyli, Vera Kadija, Frida Dashi etc, told interesting stories about the difficulties faced in the process of women and girls education, mentioning concrete stories related to their pupils and/or their children.

The representative of Shkodra Regional Education Directorate, Julinda Serreqi, greeted the participants, appreciated the education trade unions for organising these activities and for the fruitful collaboration. She mentioned the role of teachers for education of girls and women, especially under the situation when more than 71 per cent of teachers in Shkodra region are women, as she mentioned during her speech in the meeting.


Speaking on behalf of both Albanian education trade unions, FSASH and SPASH, the Chairman of FSASH, Xhafer Dobrushi, appreciated the activity considering it as an example also for the education trade unions in central level.
He appreciated the support of EI, having a real contribution towards creating a tradition in organising the activities of GAW in Albania.

A special artistic program from the girls of Ismail Qemali School, was dedicated to the main theme of GAW, “Education of girls and women”.


Meeting and other activities in Korca

46 participants; all teachers pupils and parents, headmasters from 6 involved schools, (“Asdreni”, “Naim Frasheri, Sheqeras, Pojan, “Naum Veqilharxhi”, and “Nuci Naci” took part in the meeting.

The Chairman of FSASH, Xhafer Dobrushi, the Head of Organising Department of SPASH, Nevruz Kaptelli, and the representative from Korca Regional Educational Directorate, Kostika Kapedani, took also part in the activities.



The General Secretary of FSASH, coordinator for both FSASH and SPASH GAW activities, Stavri Liko, spoke about this event, its importance, involvement of Albanian education trade unions in these global activities being organised in main districts of Albania and involving more and more trade union sections, teachers, pupils and other stakeholders.

Teachers Irena Vreto, Mevlude Isallari, Ylli Kreka, Juliana Dhimitri, Alma Shyle, told interesting stories about girls turned back in school, those who are out of risk to drop out from school and those who they are still working with to be returned to school. 

Pupils Ervin Sinani, Jehona Qemali, Elidiona Islami and parents Miranda Rusi, Tatjana Frasheri, spoke about their commitment, giving concrete examples and referring to individual pupils, especially girls.

Various Cultural and sportive activities were also organised during GAW activities days, in this district, with participation of pupils from “Asdreni” and “Naim Frasheri” Schools.
More than 95 pupils took part in more than 10 sportive and cultural disciplines, including football, volleyball, athletic, popular games, singing, dancing, recitation, painting and so on. More than 24 teachers were the organisers of these activities, supported by the headmasters of the schools and leaders of both our trade unions.
Some of the activities were organised in the form of competitions between the two




Meeting in Durres

With the same format were organised GAW activities in Durres, where took part also both chairmen of FSASH and SPASH, Xhafer Dobrushi and Bajram Kruja.

Following are some pictures from the meeting in Durres.


The representative of FSASH, Bashkim Shyle speaking in the meeting

Regional educational Directorate,  Avni Çuni, addressing the meeting

An interview was organised, on the occasion GAW by Mr. Dobrushi  in “Albanian Screen”, one of the main TV channels in Tirana, speaking about GAW activities and the commitment of FSASH and SPASH in child labour prevention and elimination activities.

Many TV channels journalists followed the meetings and reported the events in several emissions during the GAW days.

Other activities were also organised on the occasion of GAW, in some other trade union sections, also in Vlora, Elbasani, Fieri and other districts.